Phil Allen Jr.
When I Became A Man

This signature poem was written as a testimony about the transformation that has occurred in my life since putting my trust in Jesus. It is a poem about maturity and growth. It is a piece that describes change in perspective as it relates to women, friendships, God, and myself. This piece tries to capture my journey of faith. Its purpose is to inspire and call men to maturity as it is often used across the world in men’s ministries, professional, collegiate, and high school sports teams. “When I Became A Man” was written to imply the beginning of still becoming a man.

Two-Faced Christian

As Christians we do not have the luxury of being one-dimensional. We have the task of seeing the world and its hurt, brokenness, injustice so that we might be a part of confronting them. We are tasked with seeing the good in creation, its value, so that we might be stewards of it. All the while we must keep our eyes on Jesus nurturing an intimate relationship that empowers and guides us to be culture-changers. Two-Faced Christian really means to be a community of priests to the world on behalf of God rather than being those who are influenced by compromising patterns of worldliness.

When Black Lives Matter Too

All lives do not matter if some lives don’t. When black lives matter like white lives then we can say all lives matter. Systemic racism is real and impacts many lives of color across the U.S. everyday. To pretend that all is well with policing in the black community, that resources make its way to the black community, and that opportunities are available to the black community equitably is to ignore reality. This piece not only speaks of this neglect, but also holds everyone accountable; including the black community…if black lives really matter.

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